Baton, Bullet, Ballot and We, THE PEOPLE

In 1876, the area, which included modern India, became “The Indian Empire”, with British Monarch Queen Victoria proclaimed as “Empress of India”.  And in the 1947 that ended with a mirage of Independence and pain of partition.  Subsequently ever since We, THE PEOPLE of India have a constitution to govern us. Preamble of the constitution starts with “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens”. From then on, Indian has been marching together, as a modern Nation, with three most important components of power: Baton, Bullet and Ballot.

I am bewildered, confounded and shaken to negotiate the order and importance of each of these three: Baton, Bullet and Ballot. I tried to tie all Logic, Rational, Left thinking, right leanings, religious fanaticism etc. however with all confabulations the importance of these three still eludes my wisdom. I don’t understand which one of three actually governs India: Baton, Bullet or Ballot?

The day I see India is governed by Ballot, we get convincing visuals that no it is Baton:




The moment, I feel I am blessed that these are just batons not bullets. People are still not facing the bullets, and then Kashmir to DanteWada, everything belies me. It may be just Delhi is a little behind?


And then, I only get puzzled to answer how come Baton & Bullet rule a democratic nation.  The Ballot, which empowers the nation to bring self-rule and get rid of both Bullet & Baton, emphatically exists and exudes with people power.



Will India ever leave the shackles of colonial rule? Will Bullet & Baton ever yield less power than Ballot?


Another Insult By Another Journalist

In reply to Sagarika Gosh’s post :

When you are hell bound to insult and throw invectives on a religion, there are myriads way of doing it. Hinduism which has been under siege for 1000 years has been subject to such insults for long. Foreign onslaught of medieval era was much beyond the insult. It was an era of forced conversions, desecration and mass murders. However In todays’ modern times, the attack and insult on Hinduism has become more sharp and wide.  Hindu customs, Hindu Gods and Everything Hindu has been subject to grand scale ridicule. The mainstream media has become such an instrument in the agenda to degrade Hinduism that their main journalists have taken the task at hand to degrade, demean, defame and destroy Hindu culture. Once such article is :

This article starts on the premises of “Death of Indian history”. The writer makes the case by stating how non-accommodating political consternations are trying to defeat the colorful intent and content of Indian History. And very rabidly she jumps on the dissection and diagnosis of extremely vituperative, invective and insulting piece of writing named “Three Hundred Ramayanas.”  Just few years back same lady was questioning the Lord RAMA’s very existence as myth over sethsamudram project issue. Suddenly she did a somersault, and wants a very erotic, vulgar, vituperative essay to be taught in Delhi University just for the sake of plurality, freedom and colorfulness of HISTORY?

We would be very thankful of Sagarika GOSH to let us know if she thinks RAMA is a MYTH or a HISTORY.

From a MYTH to “DIVINE ENCROACHER” to “HISTORY” ,  LORD RAMA has been a subject of ridicule by the same jouno number of times.

She exhorts Indian state to unshackle the history. We exhort her to unshackle the journalism from crass immoral acts. The ideology of Rama, which stands the travesty of time not for decades, centuries but Millenniums, is too big to be bigoted by a lady.


Let there be a dialogue between all Leaders whether such bitterness against Hinduism is in the interest of country? Let the best mind expose the hidden agenda of attacking the very foundations of the nation: Our culture, traditions and values. Journalists need to stop being an agent of Cultural slaughter of the masses of India. As we cannot show Testicles and Vagina in the films, so we cannot teach that Indra had the “testicles of a beast”. However crude a tribal description of Ramyana may exist, in modern society you cannot allow a lingo like “may you be covered by a thousand vaginas” to be taught.

Akbar’s religious dilemmas, Vivekananda’s struggle to find god, Shivaji’s chequered career are all history. They may be discussed and taught in any manner deemed fit by academicians. But LORD RAMA is not Akbar or Vivekananda. Figure which is so central to the religion and FAITH of Hindus cannot be a subject to be dissected at whims of academicians. As we don’t cast aspersions on Prophethood and Virginity of other FAITHS, the caricaturing and demonizing of LORD RAMA is blasphemy in equal sense. Religion cannot be made exciting and readable for the crass immoral beings.

Our country is so sensible to other faiths that we do not allow insulting writing like “Satanic Verses” to be read. We have banned numerous such pieces in past. In such a wonderful country, the very idea of teaching  Filthy and Vulgar crap against LORD RAMA is inane and motivated. People who malign Religious figures, malign the very people of the country who repose faith in them.

INDIAN WOMANHOOD – Misplaced priorities

DISCALIMER: This post is not to absolve abject Men who mistreat or misbehave  Women. This in no way condone any violence against Women. This is just an attempt to reflect upon the other aspect of the society.

The dichotomy of INDIA & BHARAT has taken the most telling and severe toll on a pristine and priceless virtue of India, its womanhood. The BHARAT is still struggling to save its women from ills of dowry, female feticides, exploitation, harassment etc, whereas the INDIA has started moving in different direction.  Liberated INDIAN Women not willing to endorse the institution of marriage want to break free.  For them freedom means transgression on the right of Men to live with dignity and equality. And the MEN of contemporary India are confounded by seeing both “ABALA NARI” and “BIWI ATYACHARI” existing side-by-side.  Same woman, who was once an epitome of virtue, has got TTT (Tremendous Transformational TACT ) to switch from “ABALA NARI” to “BIWI ATAYCHARI” in split seconds.  And this TTT is actually a big contributing factor to an astoundingly increasing divorce rate of Metros. It is not that TTT was completely absent in women in early days. However there was social and legal sanction on these immoral louses from both genders. However the new age mobility and power acquired by the so called Liberated Women has given them ability to shroud their TTT under the grouse of exploitation.

Liberated Women have so much to say for VAW (violence against women). But when you raise the voice against VAM (violence against Men), they start using TTT and convert to “ABALA NARI” in jiffy. When you confront them with statistics they start hurling abuses. It is known fact that one married Indian Man commits suicide every 9 minutes due to various reason in India.  Whereas VAW was of very explicit and physical types, VAM is more profound in killing the very desire for Men to live. Indian husbands face VAM in various forms like economical abuse, mental harassment, relationship cheating, comparison with other men, driving sense and what not.

India Men living in false sense of Women still being the symbol of suffering, has let the LAWS to get so badly morphed  that he becomes the victim of Legal terrorism whenever he needs help from such TTT trained liberated wife. Supreme court of India referred 498a as “Legal Terrorism” while giving judgment in matter of Sushil Kumar Sharma Vs. Union of India (UOI) and Ors – Jul 19 2005 (Citation: JT 2005 (6) SC 266). Newly created Domestic Violence Act is so horrendously lopsided that a Liberated Women can send entire family of Husband to jail just for the sadistic fun of being a Liberated Indian Women. Due to lack of social support and legal protection many male victims of domestic abuse are taking their lives every day.

Time has finally come when Librated Women shed their TTT and behave responsibly to carry forward the shine and holiness of Indian family system. Instead of hating Men and trying to commit the same mistake Men committed in exploiting and hating womanhood, Indian women should celebrate the liberation with 4 open arms, 2 of her own and 2 of her husband. The Women, who is the only source of creation in this world, cannot demean her stature.  Society is not about freedom, but about dependence.  Women dependent on Men and Men on Women makes a healthy family and society. In the zeal of getting the ephemeral independence Liberated Indian Women need to choose from 2 things: becoming a healthy human or becoming a free object!



For the cause, beyond the perusal of corrupt masses of India, came a sacrosanct Mahatma from an acclaimed village of  Siddhi. Along came a volley of well known social agents (euphemistically called workers). Phew (few) of them are notable orators. In fact one of them is a great measurement engineer. He very intently measured the perceptible height of the great Mahatma and found it to be 10 nautical miles above the Parliament. In fact he himself is above every moral binding. He thinks he can go for leave or resign from his lowly paid job without serving the due notice. His cause is so big that any clearance from employer is just a trite. The other one, having lots of fame to her name from the “The great Ghunghat Act” to “Craning Indira’s 800”, has given new dimension to corruption – “Main karon tau sala Corruption saving hai”. The third one doing great service to Judicial system has shown us altogether new terrain of public interest loot (PIL)… It is a great idea to break India to pieces and secede it to other nations as and when it becomes fashionable enough. Fourth one, new age saffron saint is still washing his face after playing husband-and-wife with KAPIL_MAHARAJ and Mahatma himself. May one day Mahatma will have mercy and allow him to play second fiddle. Last but not least are some Maulanas and Archbishops who are now flying away for the illogical dissension with the ideology. Now the question arises, who the hell “We the people”, are to discuss that? After all “We the un-elected Team members” are just in NGOs business and have already vowed to never own any accountability. And “We the un-elected Team members” will ensure that NGOs never have any JokePal ever to stare at us. Verily the saying – “You are as good as the company you keep” is a flawed one. Today it is – “A company is as good as the Mahatma it keeps”.

Sometimes people like me go egocentric that they debate endlessly on the people and forget the cause. When a hardcore criminal can get a change of heart and becomes Valimiki to write Ramayana, why NGOs and PILs fame cannot write Bills? But what is the cause? : To write a BILL? Or to drive a BILL? Or to pass a BILL? Or to foot the discounted BILL?  May be all or none? For the bill you till a fast for 10 days, and 11th is day to luxuriate in most hank-panky hotel (sorry hospital). For the Bill, Hisar is the ground. For the Bill Kashmir is to be found. For the Bill Narendr Modi is to be hound. For the Bill MadamG is to be crowned. For the Bill politics so sound that brings congress to ground. The BILL never had such a power, such a power of immense economics that a Mahatma, who lives in a 9×10 wide room in the temple, razes in the sky in helicopter. Mahatma who sacrificed his carnal pleasure for the motherland is now MAUN. MAUN, because the BILL is not speaking. Or the blabbering of company is too much to rattle the inner peace of Mahatma. Mahatma is MAUN but speaks by writing. Modernity has really taken a toll in Mahatma making too. Obviously contemporary needs are different. Mahatmas are an object of passionate awards and rewards.

Poem written by Jay

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Saint I – The new Indian


Not a mere I, but St. I

I am the Saint… purest of pure

I, a lotus in the dirty pond

Never affected by the dirt around


I am a proud Indian

I am proud of ancient India; but not the present

I am concerned, not about me;

But about the whole world around me


I am pure, never corrupt

It is the system that is corrupt

I give bribes, but what choice do I have?

I take bribe, how can I manage my life otherwise?


I take money for vote

I take liquor for my vote

I take long weekends at vote

But isn’t that all problems of system?


I am never to be blamed; I am so pure

I am the society; but its faults are not mine

I am the country; but its weaknesses are not mine

I want strong country; but not my child as soldier


I want benefits; but not any taxes

I want cleanliness; but I will still spit

I want money; but hard work is not for me

For I am the people of this great country


I am a believer; but only in my God

I want freedom; but not to my neighbour

I want to blame; but not to be blamed

For I am the only one; so pure


I can go on; so much to say, but

I have flight to catch; to get out of the way

I will be back; when things are better

But I will have enough; to blame all the way!

Open letter to Barkha Dutt

-In response to

It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. : Mahatma Gandhi

Shakespeare or any literati or philosophical figure of history can be great quote for a fanciful piece of writing. But in the age of electronic and photonic communication, fanciful and farcical write-ups eventually fail their abject motives. Bigoted classification of genuine concerns and reactions as “HATE” is nothing but playing fiddle while Rome is still burning. When journalists start to become NERO themselves, than it does prove that Rome is actually burning. Indeed social media has democratized debate and helped the wider populace to assert that there exists a VOICE different from the mechanized and orchestrated drama happening in the studios of news channels. And if it’s difficult to stonewall that VOICE, it is equally difficult to malign that VOICE. You can always use the adjectives that it is the VOICE of Chaddiwallas, Hate-monger, BJP-Walla, non-secular, Killer or of a Criminal etc etc. But you need to remember you cannot ignore that VOICE. “The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.” – Woodrow T. Wilson.

For you the liberals, scuffle with Prashant Bhushan is as abhorrent as those VOICES on twitter, but have you ever bothered about Nation? To promote views of dividing the country is not an insult of widows of those soldier who die daily to save our borders? You can slap on the face of nation and if someone reacts you hide behind the words like Intolerance. Have you ever tried to define the limit of tolerance? Can Tolerance be allowed to become impotence? And the bigger question is why double standards? We are so tolerant that we do nothing when Govt attacks peaceful protesters in the Capital, but such a big lecture on intolerance when few idiots attack a traitor.

I personally appreciate your thoughtful description of social media usages. In the age where Indians do have cerebral energy marching leaps and bounds, Twitter is godsend gift to us all. Sea of comments travelling at electronic speed flooding our TL, does enthrall us all. And we do wish to get more and more followers, unlike you known fellas, who get followers in hordes. But what makes social media truly remarkable is that we don’t need to pay 500Rs for each tweet. The overpaid journalism of India has fallen to such low levels, that it is shame to even comment about it. The lost credibility of Indian media has been the real reason of success of social media. When you watch a TV debate and openly deduce that Anchor is not debating but furthering an agenda, you come up on twitter and expose the Anchor. That is not Hate but obvious and instantaneous reaction.

Be it Bhusan incident, Rajbala Incident, Radia tapes, Scams etc, every news channels has set line to take. Same faces, same tones and same people, just different words. This drives the exploding grey matter to cast an imprint on social media. And obviously this VOICE is hard to digest by actual POLICMEN of media, so shamelessly invent names for this VOICE. Very easily you reject it as TROLL. Yes you are true, they have grouses against you people and they may be fixated to talk to likes of you. They may be abusive, anonymous online ghosts- But VOICE is real. These are thoughts vibrating inside grey matters. It may be hate, venom, love, aspersion, logic, doubt or aggression, but it is the VOICE. The VOICE, journalists sitting in glass studio never bother to listen. And if you actually examine the anatomy of that VOICE more intuitively, you will certainly get the reason for the voice – PEEPLI LIVE JOURNALISM.

It is certainly a great idea to examine that VOICE. And if it is just rants, best to ignore it. And if it is a platform of far right dogma to flourish under its hoods, your concerns might be valid. But have you ever wondered what if it is actual VOICE of the masses which if ignored can have fatal consequences. Perhaps, an early indication of anger and frustration waiting to explode? I can say with certitude that people are frustrated with obfuscated lines between liberal and anti-national, secular and minority appeasement. The subliminal fault lines need to come out from the terrain of nuances and insinuations and be orderly defined. The very quarter, journalism, which is an epitome of bipartisanship, is so lopsided in India that it would be foolish not to infer real reasons of debate. There are no real public discourses happening. And in such circumstances when people vomit out their frustration, the so called champions of public voices are threatened.

The Indian media is so used to one sided reporting that they have long forgotten the need to take cognizance of real voices. One way discourse of an IDIOT box has given sweeping powers to electronic media, which unfortunately has been exploited for all wrong reasons. And when social media is openly throwing the people’s VOICE, there is an obvious air of recalcitrance.  The very idea that people have got power to express is abhorrent to media walas. The very channels that run riots for Kashmir graves never bother to report plight of Kashmiri Pundits. For you attack on Prashant Bhusan is such a soul stirring event but Killing of RajBala is just a passé. When you are so singular in your selection who gave you right to label others non-accommodating?  The self proclaimed ability to see the shades of truth on either side doesn’t really prove it. You need to show it in actions. Internet Hindus, TROLLS, TROOPERS, whatever you call them but these are the VOICES which intently reflect your deficiencies.

You may be right that Anna Hazare movement got its energy from the engine of the social media. And those very people who supported Team Anna against corruption are against Team Anna now. But does that mean anything? Do you want to say if someone supported Team Anna for anti-graft crusade should be blind against any wrong doing of Team Anna? In fact I see this as cerebral creativity of the tweeting minds which saves them from being cult followers. If someone criticizes Kiran Bedi for supporting S Bhatt, what is wrong in that? Why so much intolerance for genuine criticism? In 2008 one Rahul Viad was arrested for abusive comment against Sonia Gandhi.  Why can’t people demand action against Prashant Bhusan for abusing the nation?

You are more concerned about the sweeping generalizations and exercises in character assassination. But no tears for real issues of so called TROLLS.  As a nationalist patriot, I want to ask how long we can bear paid journalism and personal agenda of NGOs in the name of liberal, progressive, pluralistic ethos. For 10 years media is running malicious campaign against the democratically elected CM of Gujrat but no words for Kashmiri Pundits. Is this called pluralism? People created mass movement to stop sardar sarovar dam, but no media documentary to show how same dam make Gujrat electricity surplus state.