Poem written by Jay

Original link – http://confused-ambadi.blogspot.com/2011/06/saint-i-new-indian.html


Saint I – The new Indian


Not a mere I, but St. I

I am the Saint… purest of pure

I, a lotus in the dirty pond

Never affected by the dirt around


I am a proud Indian

I am proud of ancient India; but not the present

I am concerned, not about me;

But about the whole world around me


I am pure, never corrupt

It is the system that is corrupt

I give bribes, but what choice do I have?

I take bribe, how can I manage my life otherwise?


I take money for vote

I take liquor for my vote

I take long weekends at vote

But isn’t that all problems of system?


I am never to be blamed; I am so pure

I am the society; but its faults are not mine

I am the country; but its weaknesses are not mine

I want strong country; but not my child as soldier


I want benefits; but not any taxes

I want cleanliness; but I will still spit

I want money; but hard work is not for me

For I am the people of this great country


I am a believer; but only in my God

I want freedom; but not to my neighbour

I want to blame; but not to be blamed

For I am the only one; so pure


I can go on; so much to say, but

I have flight to catch; to get out of the way

I will be back; when things are better

But I will have enough; to blame all the way!

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