For the cause, beyond the perusal of corrupt masses of India, came a sacrosanct Mahatma from an acclaimed village of  Siddhi. Along came a volley of well known social agents (euphemistically called workers). Phew (few) of them are notable orators. In fact one of them is a great measurement engineer. He very intently measured the perceptible height of the great Mahatma and found it to be 10 nautical miles above the Parliament. In fact he himself is above every moral binding. He thinks he can go for leave or resign from his lowly paid job without serving the due notice. His cause is so big that any clearance from employer is just a trite. The other one, having lots of fame to her name from the “The great Ghunghat Act” to “Craning Indira’s 800”, has given new dimension to corruption – “Main karon tau sala Corruption saving hai”. The third one doing great service to Judicial system has shown us altogether new terrain of public interest loot (PIL)… It is a great idea to break India to pieces and secede it to other nations as and when it becomes fashionable enough. Fourth one, new age saffron saint is still washing his face after playing husband-and-wife with KAPIL_MAHARAJ and Mahatma himself. May one day Mahatma will have mercy and allow him to play second fiddle. Last but not least are some Maulanas and Archbishops who are now flying away for the illogical dissension with the ideology. Now the question arises, who the hell “We the people”, are to discuss that? After all “We the un-elected Team members” are just in NGOs business and have already vowed to never own any accountability. And “We the un-elected Team members” will ensure that NGOs never have any JokePal ever to stare at us. Verily the saying – “You are as good as the company you keep” is a flawed one. Today it is – “A company is as good as the Mahatma it keeps”.

Sometimes people like me go egocentric that they debate endlessly on the people and forget the cause. When a hardcore criminal can get a change of heart and becomes Valimiki to write Ramayana, why NGOs and PILs fame cannot write Bills? But what is the cause? : To write a BILL? Or to drive a BILL? Or to pass a BILL? Or to foot the discounted BILL?  May be all or none? For the bill you till a fast for 10 days, and 11th is day to luxuriate in most hank-panky hotel (sorry hospital). For the Bill, Hisar is the ground. For the Bill Kashmir is to be found. For the Bill Narendr Modi is to be hound. For the Bill MadamG is to be crowned. For the Bill politics so sound that brings congress to ground. The BILL never had such a power, such a power of immense economics that a Mahatma, who lives in a 9×10 wide room in the temple, razes in the sky in helicopter. Mahatma who sacrificed his carnal pleasure for the motherland is now MAUN. MAUN, because the BILL is not speaking. Or the blabbering of company is too much to rattle the inner peace of Mahatma. Mahatma is MAUN but speaks by writing. Modernity has really taken a toll in Mahatma making too. Obviously contemporary needs are different. Mahatmas are an object of passionate awards and rewards.

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  1. a common thread among team is many of r recipients of videshi awards

  2. Dear Amit,

    This is real good. Keep up the good work.


    • Solitaire

       /  October 21, 2011

      So what ? For someone who has served the nation and still strives on ,critics seem to latch on as parasites and tend to sound hollow in verbal diarrhea and nothing more .

      • Among parasitic critics and Sycophant Bhakts, critics are always better because they work hard to analyse the persona threadbare. Cult followers are nothing but dumb asses akin to rats marching on the tunes of pied pipers to self destruct themselves.

    • Thanks a lot , sirji.

  3. Vinod Sriperumbuduru

     /  October 23, 2011

    If ToI let paper, Indian Express, IBN Live, or NDTV happens to visit this page, they will immediately invite this blogger to their shows, for they also want the same junk sweeping comments on anti-corruption movement. I am sure some one from one of these corrupt media corporations must have already contacted you.

  4. Akshay

     /  November 16, 2011

    Awesome piece of writing, sirjee !!!!

  5. Abhijit

     /  June 1, 2012

    Bill is again not passed in the budget session.
    When it will be passed??? I want my bill.


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