INDIAN WOMANHOOD – Misplaced priorities

DISCALIMER: This post is not to absolve abject Men who mistreat or misbehave  Women. This in no way condone any violence against Women. This is just an attempt to reflect upon the other aspect of the society.

The dichotomy of INDIA & BHARAT has taken the most telling and severe toll on a pristine and priceless virtue of India, its womanhood. The BHARAT is still struggling to save its women from ills of dowry, female feticides, exploitation, harassment etc, whereas the INDIA has started moving in different direction.  Liberated INDIAN Women not willing to endorse the institution of marriage want to break free.  For them freedom means transgression on the right of Men to live with dignity and equality. And the MEN of contemporary India are confounded by seeing both “ABALA NARI” and “BIWI ATYACHARI” existing side-by-side.  Same woman, who was once an epitome of virtue, has got TTT (Tremendous Transformational TACT ) to switch from “ABALA NARI” to “BIWI ATAYCHARI” in split seconds.  And this TTT is actually a big contributing factor to an astoundingly increasing divorce rate of Metros. It is not that TTT was completely absent in women in early days. However there was social and legal sanction on these immoral louses from both genders. However the new age mobility and power acquired by the so called Liberated Women has given them ability to shroud their TTT under the grouse of exploitation.

Liberated Women have so much to say for VAW (violence against women). But when you raise the voice against VAM (violence against Men), they start using TTT and convert to “ABALA NARI” in jiffy. When you confront them with statistics they start hurling abuses. It is known fact that one married Indian Man commits suicide every 9 minutes due to various reason in India.  Whereas VAW was of very explicit and physical types, VAM is more profound in killing the very desire for Men to live. Indian husbands face VAM in various forms like economical abuse, mental harassment, relationship cheating, comparison with other men, driving sense and what not.

India Men living in false sense of Women still being the symbol of suffering, has let the LAWS to get so badly morphed  that he becomes the victim of Legal terrorism whenever he needs help from such TTT trained liberated wife. Supreme court of India referred 498a as “Legal Terrorism” while giving judgment in matter of Sushil Kumar Sharma Vs. Union of India (UOI) and Ors – Jul 19 2005 (Citation: JT 2005 (6) SC 266). Newly created Domestic Violence Act is so horrendously lopsided that a Liberated Women can send entire family of Husband to jail just for the sadistic fun of being a Liberated Indian Women. Due to lack of social support and legal protection many male victims of domestic abuse are taking their lives every day.

Time has finally come when Librated Women shed their TTT and behave responsibly to carry forward the shine and holiness of Indian family system. Instead of hating Men and trying to commit the same mistake Men committed in exploiting and hating womanhood, Indian women should celebrate the liberation with 4 open arms, 2 of her own and 2 of her husband. The Women, who is the only source of creation in this world, cannot demean her stature.  Society is not about freedom, but about dependence.  Women dependent on Men and Men on Women makes a healthy family and society. In the zeal of getting the ephemeral independence Liberated Indian Women need to choose from 2 things: becoming a healthy human or becoming a free object!

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