Another Insult By Another Journalist

In reply to Sagarika Gosh’s post :

When you are hell bound to insult and throw invectives on a religion, there are myriads way of doing it. Hinduism which has been under siege for 1000 years has been subject to such insults for long. Foreign onslaught of medieval era was much beyond the insult. It was an era of forced conversions, desecration and mass murders. However In todays’ modern times, the attack and insult on Hinduism has become more sharp and wide.  Hindu customs, Hindu Gods and Everything Hindu has been subject to grand scale ridicule. The mainstream media has become such an instrument in the agenda to degrade Hinduism that their main journalists have taken the task at hand to degrade, demean, defame and destroy Hindu culture. Once such article is :

This article starts on the premises of “Death of Indian history”. The writer makes the case by stating how non-accommodating political consternations are trying to defeat the colorful intent and content of Indian History. And very rabidly she jumps on the dissection and diagnosis of extremely vituperative, invective and insulting piece of writing named “Three Hundred Ramayanas.”  Just few years back same lady was questioning the Lord RAMA’s very existence as myth over sethsamudram project issue. Suddenly she did a somersault, and wants a very erotic, vulgar, vituperative essay to be taught in Delhi University just for the sake of plurality, freedom and colorfulness of HISTORY?

We would be very thankful of Sagarika GOSH to let us know if she thinks RAMA is a MYTH or a HISTORY.

From a MYTH to “DIVINE ENCROACHER” to “HISTORY” ,  LORD RAMA has been a subject of ridicule by the same jouno number of times.

She exhorts Indian state to unshackle the history. We exhort her to unshackle the journalism from crass immoral acts. The ideology of Rama, which stands the travesty of time not for decades, centuries but Millenniums, is too big to be bigoted by a lady.


Let there be a dialogue between all Leaders whether such bitterness against Hinduism is in the interest of country? Let the best mind expose the hidden agenda of attacking the very foundations of the nation: Our culture, traditions and values. Journalists need to stop being an agent of Cultural slaughter of the masses of India. As we cannot show Testicles and Vagina in the films, so we cannot teach that Indra had the “testicles of a beast”. However crude a tribal description of Ramyana may exist, in modern society you cannot allow a lingo like “may you be covered by a thousand vaginas” to be taught.

Akbar’s religious dilemmas, Vivekananda’s struggle to find god, Shivaji’s chequered career are all history. They may be discussed and taught in any manner deemed fit by academicians. But LORD RAMA is not Akbar or Vivekananda. Figure which is so central to the religion and FAITH of Hindus cannot be a subject to be dissected at whims of academicians. As we don’t cast aspersions on Prophethood and Virginity of other FAITHS, the caricaturing and demonizing of LORD RAMA is blasphemy in equal sense. Religion cannot be made exciting and readable for the crass immoral beings.

Our country is so sensible to other faiths that we do not allow insulting writing like “Satanic Verses” to be read. We have banned numerous such pieces in past. In such a wonderful country, the very idea of teaching  Filthy and Vulgar crap against LORD RAMA is inane and motivated. People who malign Religious figures, malign the very people of the country who repose faith in them.

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  1. A good reply to sagarika though she possibly not intended to do so. Everyone should be carefull to express his/her thoughts over the things that is a subject of belief of hundreds of millions people. Very simple, that if they are not having the Ramayana, Ramcharit Manas, Geeta, Bible, Quran etc. in their carriculum hw coud they have Ramanujan’s Essay?

  2. ankush raj pandey

     /  October 30, 2011

    a very tight slap on sagarika ghosh does they dare to even ask about prophet or aisha they only say rubbish about HINDU gods

  3. fake

     /  November 20, 2011

    bhenchod kisne likha Shri Ram ke bare me, madorchod randi ke auladh


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