Baton, Bullet, Ballot and We, THE PEOPLE

In 1876, the area, which included modern India, became “The Indian Empire”, with British Monarch Queen Victoria proclaimed as “Empress of India”.  And in the 1947 that ended with a mirage of Independence and pain of partition.  Subsequently ever since We, THE PEOPLE of India have a constitution to govern us. Preamble of the constitution starts with “WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens”. From then on, Indian has been marching together, as a modern Nation, with three most important components of power: Baton, Bullet and Ballot.

I am bewildered, confounded and shaken to negotiate the order and importance of each of these three: Baton, Bullet and Ballot. I tried to tie all Logic, Rational, Left thinking, right leanings, religious fanaticism etc. however with all confabulations the importance of these three still eludes my wisdom. I don’t understand which one of three actually governs India: Baton, Bullet or Ballot?

The day I see India is governed by Ballot, we get convincing visuals that no it is Baton:




The moment, I feel I am blessed that these are just batons not bullets. People are still not facing the bullets, and then Kashmir to DanteWada, everything belies me. It may be just Delhi is a little behind?


And then, I only get puzzled to answer how come Baton & Bullet rule a democratic nation.  The Ballot, which empowers the nation to bring self-rule and get rid of both Bullet & Baton, emphatically exists and exudes with people power.



Will India ever leave the shackles of colonial rule? Will Bullet & Baton ever yield less power than Ballot?

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